Crawford County Fair

Location at Kirksey Park in Mulberry, AR

This year we will be sure to need plenty of volunteers from CCSAR and MRC for first aid because they have added Rodeo events to the calendar of events. Check out the Mutton Bustin on Monday and the Rodeo on Friday evening! So please volunteer at the next regular scheduled meeting which is Tuesday, Sept 5 at 7pm. We will need all the help we can get!

2017 Schedule of Events
Saturday – Sept. 2nd
10am – 12pm Pageant Registration & Rehearsal (all divisions)

Saturday – Sept. 10th
9am Crawford County Fair Equine Expo
10am – Pet Show

Monday – Sept. 11th
2pm-4pm Rabbit Entry
10am-5pm Enter Market Lambs/All Goats & Sheep
10am-8pm Poultry Entry
12:30pm Supt. Meeting for Home Ec. Dept
1:30pm-7pm Home Economics & Horticulture Entries
9am-4pm Commercial & Food Booth Set Up
4pm-6pm All Goats & Sheep Checked in to Supt.
5pm Rabbit Show
6pm-7pm Market Lamb/Goat Weigh In
7pm Mutton Bustin’

Tuesday – Sept. 12th
9am Broiler Show
9am-9pm Entertainment in Comm Building
12pm-6pm Enter Hogs & Beef Cattle
9am-3pm Home Economics Bldg – Closed for Judging
9am-9pm Home Economics Bldg- Open
3pm-9pm Commercial Bldg – Open
4pm Carnival Opens
4pm Market Lamb, Market Goats & Breeding Sheep Show
6pm Market Hog Weigh In
7pm Steer Weigh In
7pm Mutton’ Bustin’
7pm Tiny Tot, Wee Princess, Tiny Princess Pageants

Wednesday – Sept. 13th (Free entry with canned food item)
9am-9pm Home Ec, Horticulture & Commercial Bldgs Open
12pm Dairy Cattle In Place
4pm Breeding Beef/Steer/Hog Show
6pm-10pm Arm Band Night
6pm Red, Rip & Rockin’ Tomato Contest
7pm Music on the stage!

Thursday – Sept. 14th
9am-9pm Home Ec, Horticulture & Commercial Bldgs Open
4pm Dairy Cattle Show
4pm Carnival Opens
5pm Dairy Goat, Mini Goat & Breeding Goat Show
6pm-10pm Carnival Arm Band Night
7pm Jr Princess, Little Miss, Jr Miss Pageants

Friday – Sept. 15th
9am-9pm Home Ec, Horticulture & Commercial Bldgs Open
3pm Skill-a-thon
4pm Carnival Opens
5:30pm Round Robin Showmanship
6:30 Poultry Showmanship
6pm Bottle Calf Show
7pm Gold Fish Contest (barn area)
7:30pm CRRA Rodeo
8pm Adult Showmanship Contest
9:00pm Live Music with “Woodshed” at stage area

Saturday – Sept. 16th
9am-9pm Home Ec, Horticulture & Commercial Bldgs Open
10am Lineup for Parade Begins on Church Street
11am Parade (Downtown Mulberry)
12pm-4pm Carnival Arm Band Day
2pm 4-H Poultry Chain Sale
3pm BBQ for Prospective Auction Buyers
4pm JR Livestock Auction
6:30pm Best of Show Pic – Home Ec Bldg
7pm Talent Show, Princess Pageant
8pm Release of sale animals(except for premium only animals – *see general rules)
8:30pm Talent Show (older divisions) & Teen & Queen Pageants
10pm Livestock Exhibits Released


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