Day one will be presented on August 2-4, 2016

Day two will be presented on August 9-11, 2016

You may attend any of the day 1 or day two classes.

Training location will be Ft. Smith Fire Dept. Station 11, 8900 Massard Rd. Fort Smith AR

Class times 0830 to 1700

Local contact is Heath Orabanec, Cell 918-774-7392

Description of class

Full 2-Day MERRTT Class

The Full 2-Day MERRTT program is delivered in approximately 16 classroom hours and includes all of the following modules:

1. Radiological Basics

2. Biological Effects

3. Radioactive Material Shipping Packages

4. Hazard Recognition

5. Initial Response Actions

6. Patient Handling

7. Incident Control

8. Radiological Survey Instruments & Dosimetry Devices

9. Transportation of Safeguards Material

10. DOE Shipments and Resources

11. Decontamination, Disposal and Documentation

12. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

13. Pre-Hospital Practices

14. Transportation by Rail

15. Incident Command

16. Public Information Officer

In addition to the modules listed above, 5 practical hands-on activities will also be conducted. These activities will cover:

1. Radiological Instrument Use

2. Patient Handling

3. Assessing Package Integrity

4. Survey of Contaminated Personnel

5. Picture Practical

Interested in volunteering:


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