Steve Gann Fundraiser


I want to thank everyone for their help. From the 5K to helping cook, doing dishes, heling with the aution, donating food, your time and caring for Steve and his family. I am not going to mention names because I don’t want to miss anyone but THANKS EVERYONE!

Jim Jones

Meeting time change 2/4

Tuesday meeting time will be @ 6:30pm so we can have a vote for Safety and Trainer for the Board and get updated addresses for all members before we start training at 7pm. Please arrive on time. Thanks!


Due to possible weather conditions on December 21st we will not be participating in the Mountainburg parade.

On Saturday the 14th we went to Mulberry for the Polar Bear Plunge, see photos below:





We also attended the Dyer, Mulberry and Van Buren parades on the 14th. We won 2nd place in the Dyer parade and got $75 dollars! We bought pizza and cookies in between parades for all of those who froze while being on the gator, bad boy, EOC and trailers. Thanks to all of those who helped and decorated!

Shawn, JIm, Tim, Teresa, Dylan and Max (on spineboard)

Shawn, JIm, Tim, Teresa, Dylan and Max (on spineboard)

FROSTY 12-14



November 2 OR November 9 at District 5 Volunteer Fire Department at 5920 Hwy 59 in Van Buren from 8am to 5pm. You have a choice of either of these dates for your HAZMAT Awareness classes which is a requirement for your search and rescue. Please go to: Arkansas Department of Emergency Management on-line to sign up! Go to Preparedness then Training then to Registration (Hazardous Materials Training) to enroll. Class is taught by Ronnie Rogers.

National Night Out at Fort Smith Convention Center


When the entrance doorway was blocked to the presentation hall, Crawford County Search And Rescue put their heads together and simply attacked the issue by carrying the Swift Water Boat through the entrance doorway right off the boat trailer.


Board President Steven Gann is hoisted up by Board Members (Brothers) Tim and Jim Jones with Search And Rescue Team Member Peter Le coaching them on.  Boy, what a night out on the town.


Night Class – Night Vision Generation 3 Goggles

07/06/2012 Night Class – Night Vision Generation 3 Goggles.  Team members went through an orientation in the use of the new goggles and then went on a Night Mission at the Van Buren City Park where they experience walking the path while wearing them.  They were instructed on a clue search and found all clues that were placed rather quickly and easily.  Team Members were simply amazed in how well they worked and evening thought about playing night time golf.  Future classes will consist of this same training approach but we will be adding everyday tasks and driving atv equipment while wearing them.

High Visibility Chainsaw Chaps, Helmets and Ear Protection to go with the 2 New Chainsaws


6 Sets of New High Visibility Chainsaw Chaps with High Visibility Helmets with Ear Protection were demonstrated by Tim Jones, Jim Jones and Mathew Langley during the 07/03/2012 SAR Team Meeting.  2 New Stihl Chainsaw were also purchased for use in tornado damage rescue events and running trails for search and rescue operations. These items were purchased through grant funding.  Crawford County Road Department also received 6 sets.