Don’t forget National Night Out

This coming Tuesday, August 4
Exhibit Halls B & C
55 South 7th Street
Fort Smith,AR72901United States
Phone: 479-788-8932

National Night Out is two weeks from today!! Public Safety information and demonstrations, crime prevention tips, door prizes, food, fun and much more!!! Join us inside the AIR CONDITIONED Fort Smith Convention Center on Tuesday, August 4th from 5 to 8pm

Crawford County Fair

September 14-19th
We need Volunteers! Mon-Fri 5pm to Close
Saturday 9am-Close
Please contact Jim Jones President if
you have any free time.
We need to surpass last years 50/50 earning
so we can do a SAR 3 class and as well
as more training classes. This is your
money, your time, you organization :).


 A dog’s nose can do what no other resource can:

·        Find a child lost in the wilderness or missing from their homes.

·        Follow a patient with Alzheimer’s missing from a nursing home.

·        Locate a skier buried in an avalanche.

·        Assist law enforcement with crime scenes.

·        Find live people trapped in collapsed buildings.

·        Locate drowning victims.

Search and rescue dogs are an important part of our team.

Train and join today in your local County. More information can be found at the webpage…

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Safety Tips when you go paddling from the ACA

Planning to Paddle? Know Your Limits!

When getting ready to head out on your next paddling trip, be sure to keep these five safety tips in mind to ensure you have an enjoyable time on the water.

1. Take an on-water Course – whether it’s a safety or skill development course, an ACA on-water instruction course provides the information you need for canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, rafting or safety & rescue.

2. Wear Your Lifejacket – Expect to capsize and swim occasionally when paddling a canoe, kayak, SUP or raft? Learn more about PFDs and how they might just save your life.

3. Cold Water Safety – Cold water is extremely dangerous! Learn more about protecting yourself in this environment

4. Rules of the Road – What paddlers need to know when sharing the waterways

5. Safety Check – Safety tips you need to consider the next time you head out on the water

In addition to the “Top Five” here are 5 more to round out the “Top Ten”!

6. Practices, Ethics and Conduct – Key points on how to appropriately share, and enjoy our natural paddling resources

7. Know Your Limits – Good things to contemplate before you leave shore

8. River Paddler’s Guide to Rescue – The basics, just in case…

9. Best Practices for Paddlers and Paddlesports Programs

10. Trip Preparation and Planning – Getting ready to schedule your next trip? Learn more useful tips